A Brooklyn Weekend with Kristy Glass & Andrea Mowry

Spring in New England this year was a rainy, cold season that seemed to drag on and on. For me, the highlight was a trip out to Brooklyn, NY with my friend, Elaine, to attend the Kristy Glass Knits/ Andrea Mowry live interview. We took the train from MA to NYC followed by the subway to our Airbnb lodging in Brooklyn on Friday. We walked to dinner, finding a lovely small restaurant across from Brooklyn College where we more than ate our fill. After a night’s sleep and then a leisurely breakfast (yes, more food), we spent some lovely hours yarn shopping in Woolyn. The staff was so welcoming there and the owner and I discussed a proposed Knitsamazing Knitalong later this year, where knitters can meet up in selected LYS (local yarn stores) in ME, NH, MA, CT, RI, VT and NY to work on a pre-determined item that all the women will be knitting for a domestic abuse center in their own area. Later that evening, we attended the planned ticketed event where we learned so much about Andrea Mowry, with Kristy Glass well-prepared with 100 questions, lots of Andrea’s own hand knits including many she pulled from her “I wear this everyday” closet, and the scoop on her recent move to Portland, ME. I had the opportunity to chat with Kristy after the event, which was an unexpected highlight. I found her as approachable as she appears on-camera and a dynamo in person, too. On Sunday morning, Elaine and I took a cab to church, worshiping at the Church of Christ at Greenpoint, which is held in the oldest church building in Brooklyn. After worship, we headed to the yarn shop Argyle, for more yarn shopping and a meet & greet with Andrea Mowry, a thoroughly delightful woman who must have been exhausted but visited patiently with everyone there after teaching a class. She agreed to endless selfies/photos (note my photo of Andrea below, which she said would be OK to post on my site).

Sometimes, it is just nice to go on an expedition with a friend who “gets it” because she is a yarnie, too. So a thousand thanks to my knitting buddy, Elaine! It was fun to meet women from all around the country (and we met one woman who came from England) just to enjoy this special weekend of fiber fun. And after knitting up several skeins of yarn for charity items recently, of course it was perfectly OK to re-stock my stash!

Andea Mowry sweater and scarf.jpg
Sherry Pierce