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WOOL-AID, 1381 rocky Creek Court. Belleville, IL 62220

Mission: to supply children and teens in the coldest climates (with least access to resources) with hats, socks, sweaters, vests, mittens and blankets. Their primary need at this time is 100% wool hats and socks. Although no acrylics are accepted, the FAQ section of their website advises what percentage of other fibers may be blended to meet the minimum requirement of 80% wool. Dense and warm is the primary object when knitting for this organization. Sturdy items in colors that won’t show lack of washing are ideal and they accept donations year-round.

You can find all the info you need on their very helpful website http://www.wool-aid.org Recent donation campaigns have included shipments to war-torn Syria, to India, Afghanistan, Tibet and Greece.



COMFORT FOR CRITTERS - see their website for list of local, affiliated shelters

Join the “Comfort For Critters Team” and start knitting or crocheting blankets to provide warmth and snuggles to our non-human friends who are housed in animal shelters. To date, over 73,000 comfort blankets have been donated to this very worthy charity. It’s also nice to know that your comfort blanket goes with the animal to their forever home once adopted. See website https://comfortforcritters.org for a list of shelters in every state who are accepting blankets to warm up a cat, dog, guinea pig, rabbit, ferret, or even a critter in a wild animal sanctuary. There are a number of free knit and crochet patterns on their website, but you are free to use any design in any colors, so this could be a great stashbuster.



During cold months, a wish list item for care packages that are sent to our servicemen and women includes a warm scarf. Size requirements for acceptance are 4”-6” wide x 48”-50” long in order to fit within care package restrictions. Preferred colors are subtle tones: blues, browns, greens, grays, maroon and black. Stripes within this color spectrum are ok, too. They will also accept red/white/blue and they are open to any pattern that stays within the size range. For full information, check out their website https://operationgratitude.com. Under the “Express Thanks” tab at the top of their website, you will find info on donating “Handmade With Love” scarves, including some very simple crochet and knitting directions should you prefer not to use a pattern of your own.